History of The Alaskan Camper

The Alaskan Camper was – and is – a simple yet dramatic breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup truck camper RV for sale. Since the original Alaskan Campers, designed in 1953 for the purpose of camping along the Alcan Highway, campers have searched for a camper that would give them protection from the rain and cold.  A camper that would travel rough terrain, be lightweight and present the least wind resistance on the road.

We decided to build a camper that campers wanted! The first unit was constructed so that the top, by an ingenious hydraulic system, could be raised and lowered. This allowed for full standing room in the interior when in camp, but when on the road the unit was snugged down with only minimal roof height of camper extending above the truck cab. The result was reduced wind resistance and increased gas mileage! “It raises – It lowers” not only is this a tremendous advantage for the Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper RV, but it typifies our whole design and quality philosophy, “from the top to the bottom we will build the best.” It’s not a popup camper, it’s better than a popup camper.  Today the Alaskan Truck Camper is available in sizes 6.5 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 8.5 ft and 10 ft.

It Raises - It Lowers

Telescopic Camper
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