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The Original Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper


Since the early 1950’s Alaskan Camper has been building the only hard-sided, telescopic truck camper. The original idea was to give campers the comforts of home,  protection from the elements and a low-profile for a safer, more comfortable driving experience along with better gas mileage. The early Alaskan Campers were raised with a manual hydraulic hand pump. In the late 1980’s a pushbutton electric pump replaced the manual version. Alaskan Truck Camper has set the bar for quality in the industry for the last 60+ years. We never sacrifice quality to save money or compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship. Truck camping is a great way to travel and with the Alaskan Truck Camper you can get off the highway and access remote spots.

Though there are many soft-sided pop up truck campers on the market, we feel the advantages of our hard-sided telescopic Alaskan Camper will make any camper proud to own the original.

"It Raises - It Lowers."

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