Why an Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper?

Truck Campers mount directly onto the pickup bed or chassis of a pickup truck, extending over the cab with a sleeping compartment. They may be removed at the campsite, and are ready for use wherever you park. Truck Campers must fit into the pickup truck configuration, created specifically to mount to the bed/chassis they are made to be ‘carried’ on the full size pickup truck.

The length runs from 6.5′ to 10’ foot exclusive truck which it is on. The length of the truck camper is quoted as the bed length or that portion which rests in or on the bed of the truck. The sleeping accommodations can provide for 2 to 4 depending on the truck camper.

Self-contained convenience is available. Truck campers can be the first step into the “RV” lifestyle or the last step.  It is a low-cost option, offering convenience for back country travel. Drive-ability is simplified as the truck camper combination allows you the flexibility to drive with less hassle. All Alaskan Truck Campers feature a top that raises and lowers hydraulically for safety, comfort and better gas mileage. This provides more interior space, while offering less wind resistance when driving. A large list of options plus the option of designing your own floor plan gives the person looking for the perfect truck camper an outstanding opportunity to achieve the goal of the perfect truck camper.

Alaskan Campers, the world’s leading manufacturer of solid wall pop-up truck campers, offers different floor plans to suit your needs. Varying in floor length from 6.5′ to 10′, the Alaskan Truck Camper offers a variety of innovative and unique floor plans to provide increased living space.

The Alaskan pop-up quickly raises up for instant livability and comes down for ease and safety in travel, better gas mileage and maneuverability. The Alaskan campers are narrower and lighter, designed to go almost anywhere. After checking out an Alaskan truck camper you’ll quickly realize there is no compromise in quality and comfort.

Alaskan Truck Camper’s versatility is truly unmatched whether you want to tow your favorite hobby behind you, like a boat or just check out a remote location.

It Raises - It Lowers

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