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1966 12 Foot Alaskan Camper

1960 Alaskan Truck Camper

Our 1960 Alaskan Camper
by Gary & Julia Youngblood

In 1983 and 1984 I worked as a National Park Service Ranger at Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park doing Campground patrol by horseback. This is where I first became introduced to Alaskan Campers. After Labor Day the Alaskan Camper crowd showed up. The air was cooler, the kids were back in school and the recently retired WWII veterans were taking advantage of the Autumn colors. I was invited in to see the campers and share tea or coffee. I was impressed by the campers and always wanted one after those experiences.

We purchased our first Alaskan Camper, a 1958 non cabover 10′, in the mid 1990’s. We used it for about 13 years and it was to be a project that we never got around to fixing up. It was left in Fairbanks Alaska with a camper dealer who was to find it a good home.

In 2014 we retired from the National Park Service in Alaska an we started looking for another early year Alaskan Camper. In 2016 we contacted Camper Reparidise in Salt Lake City Utah because of an article we had seen about the restoration of an Alaskan Camper. Dan Hall, the great nephew of the founders of Alaskan Camper founders Don and Irene Hall, was the person at Camper Reparadise who had done the restoration.

We stopped by Camper Reparadise the Autumn of 2016 and got the ball rolling. Dan located a 1960 10′ non cab over Alaskan Camper that was suitable for restoration and we began the process. We wanted to keep the camper as original as practicable and Dan was willing to do the work. We picked up the camper the end of April 2017 and have taken it camping in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington so far this summer.

Note: Gary & Julia stopped by Alaskan Campers in Winlock, Washington in June 2017 and we enjoyed seeing their vintage Alaskan Camper. Below you’ll see some images that they have shared along with some we took during their visit.

1960 Alaskan Truck Camper

A Vintage Alaskan Camper in Sweden

Christer Johansson is a writer & photographer living in Sweden. He works for a mobile home magazine and also as web editor publishing travel articles on the web.

Here’s an article he wrote (and photographed) on possibly the only vintage Alaskan Camper in Sweden. >>> read the article here. It’s written in Swedish, however you can use Google translate if you don’t happen to have a swede around.

A Vintage Alaskan Camper in Sweden

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Telescopic Camper
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