Q. If needed how do I change an O-Ring in my Alaskan Camper?

A. (Download PDF): 

Replacing O-Rings

Replacing O-Rings

  1. Pump the camper top up to its full extended height. Put pins in three of the four pistons leaving the pin out of
    piston having the “O” ring changed.
  2. Place a 2” x 2” brace in the corner where the piston having the “O” ring replaced is located; this will support the top
    when the piston is removed.
  3. Lower the top slowly onto the pins and the brace.\
  4. Take the cap bolt out of the top of the piston you are working on. (#10)
  5. Remove the Cylinder Cap from the top of the cylinder, but do not remove it from the Piston. (#4)
  6. Push the piston down to remove all fluid. (#3)
  7. Lift the piston up, slightly to the side, and then out.
  8. Remove the “O” ring and replace a new “O” ring. (#9)
  9. Replace the piston and pump the camper up until the piston is up against the piston bracket. (#3 @ #1)
  10. Replace the Cap Bolt and the Cylinder Cap. (#10 @ #4)
  11. Pump the top up to the full extended position and remove the Brace.
  12. You’re done! You did it! That wasn’t so hard, was it?
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