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The new owner of Alaskan Campers said this version of the Alaskan Camper (fiberglass) is extremely rare and was very expensive to make at that time. Alaskan Camper never sacrifices quality to save money or compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship. Alaskan Camper only made the fiberglass models for a few years '71, '72, and '73 and they were only produced in limited numbers alongside their more common aluminum camper model. This Camper much more aerodynamic than the original flat faced/flat sided aluminum version. The fiberglass model is lighter than the vintage aluminum campers with bigger windows along with three roof vents for greater ventilation. It’s estimated weight is around 1,300 - 1,400 lbs. Other interesting information was that the top half does not need to rest on the truck bed when in the down position. This makes it easier if you want to mount the camper on a flatbed trailer, not having to build a shelf to support it.

This 1973 fiberglass Alaskan Camper raises and lowers extremely easily with a hydraulic hand pump. This rare camper is in its original condition with a stainless steel sink, three burner stove, small refrigerator/freezer, clothing drawer, closet and small vanity. This Camper has a beautiful wood decal interior ceiling with high gloss finish and has held up extremely well over the years.

  • Head room 6’3” ceiling for comfortable living when popped up
  • 4-way views adds to the spacious interior
  • Cabinets and storage space
  • One full size bed or two twin beds for sleeping
  • Wiring 12V and 110 V- 3 burner stove, stainless steel sink, small refrigerator/freezer, 20-gallon water tank

We have customized and added:

  • Custom Paint on outside of camper
  • Custom Interior Blinds for Windows
  • New Wood Floors
  • Solar Panels on rooftop
  • Tank Monitoring System to monitor fresh water, grey water and propane levels
  • New propane heater
  • Repaired hydraulic system
  • Re-upholstered fabric on cushions for dinette/bed
  • Repaired all lighting inside camper

Located in Flagstaff, Arizona

Note: To see photographs of camper click here


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